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comments are screened [28 Sep 2020|11:04pm]
faces rose bertram, demi rose, jasmine sanders, alexis ren, abigail ratchford, sara underwood, shay mitchell, kate upton, maia mitchell, camila mendes, katrina bowden, alison brie, elizabeth olsen, emma stone, kate beckinsale, barbara palvin, valeria orsini, phoebe tonkin, ashley benson, lucy pinder, amy adams, emily sears, gemma arterton, vanessa hudgens, carmella rose, gal gadot, selena gomez, anna kendrick, ksenia solo, danielle campbell, annasophia robb, melissa iglesias, dove cameron, minka kelly, aarika wolf, kendall jenner, kylie jenner, gigi hadid, ariel winter, ashley sky. i am not set on only these ladies so i am flexible. het and femme only with myself being the female in het.

kinks amateur porn, anal (first time or experienced), choking, bondage (light restraints to heavy use), daddy talk, discipline,dub-con/non-con, face fucking, gagging, hair pulling, public sex, ownership (collar use), rape fantasy, revenge sex, rough sex, sensory deprivation, slave role play, spanking (ass and/or breasts), toy use (all orifice), unprotected sex. game for other kinks other than bathroom themed ones.

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